How to Iron Felt Fabric

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    Felt may contain synthetic or natural materials, with wool being a common element in natural felt. Because felt cuts easily, it lends itself ideally for making letters or pockets. It is also simple to make scarves and even children's books from felt. When working with felt, you may need to iron it lightly to ensure the felt surface appears fresh and neat.

    Things You'll Need

    • Iron
    • Felt fabric
    • Ironing board

    Preheat the iron to a low, wool setting.

    Place the felt on the ironing board and smooth it lightly with your hands.

    Place the iron down onto the left side of the felt and move it lightly to the right side of the felt. Move the iron continuously while ironing to avoid scorching the fibers of the felt.

    Turn the felt fabric over and iron the back side using the same technique.

    Allow the felt to cool and then fold it or use it.

    • Washing techniques for felt depend on the materials in the fabric and manufacturer instructions. For both wool and synthetic felt, spot-treat the felt with as little moisture as possible to avoid damaging the fibers.

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