Instructions on Doing Perler Beads

    by Darci Pauser

    About the Author

    Darci Pauser began writing in 2001. Her work has been featured in publications such as the "UC Berkeley Undergraduate Journal," Indybay and the West Texas Weekly. Pauser holds a certificate in sustainable agriculture from California's Green String Institute and a Bachelor of Arts in anthropology from the University of California, Berkeley.


    Perler beads are tubular, colorful plastic beads. They are commonly fused together on a pegboard to create a variety of shapes and patterns. Alternatively, perler beads can be strung on thread to create necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry. Perler beads can be purchased in multipacks or in packages of one color. There are translucent and opaque varieties, as well as glitter and glow-in-the-dark types. Projects with perler beads are great for children, but require an adult's help to fuse.

    Things You'll Need

    • Perler bead pegboard(s)
    • Pegs
    • Ironing board
    • Ironing paper or parchment paper
    • Clothing iron
    • String (optional)

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    Arrange your choice of beads on a pegboard, inserting the pegs into the bead's hole. Follow the shape on the pegboard, or create an original shape using a plain square or circular pegboard.

    When the pegboard is completed, carefully carry it to the ironing board and cover with parchment paper or specially sold ironing paper.

    Turn on the clothing iron to a medium setting with no steam. When hot, iron the perler beads for 10 seconds, taking care to keep the iron moving and to apply heat to all parts of the pegboard equally. The beads should be touching one another when fusing is completed.

    Let cool for 30 seconds and remove the parchment paper, peeling it carefully from one side to the other. Remove the beads from the pegboard, and flip the bead design over on the ironing board. Repeat the fusing process described in Step 3, ironing over parchment or ironing paper. Let cool.

    Tie string through the perler bead creation as an option to make a pendant necklace or wall hanging.

    • Iron the perler beads longer to create a more solid look. Be aware, however, that if the beads are ironed long enough, they will no longer have holes.
    • Plugging in and turning on the clothing iron and ironing must always be performed by an adult.