Instructions for Cutting Paper Snowflakes

    by Amy Dombrower

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    Creating paper snowflakes is a time-tested craft project for kids and adults alike, especially during the winter and holiday season. Just like real snowflakes, every pattern is completely original. All you need is a piece of white paper and a pair of scissors to create beautiful, wintry snowflakes to decorate your home for the holidays. The best way to make star-shaped snowflakes is to create a six-sided paper shape to create a beautiful paper snowflake.

    Things You'll Need

    • White square piece of paper
    • Pair of scissors

    Lay the white paper on a flat surface. If you don’t have a square piece of paper, trim off the excess of a rectangular piece to create a square.

    Fold the paper in half diagonally to form a triangle.

    Fold the paper in half diagonally again to form a smaller triangle.

    Fold the triangle into thirds, folding first the left side over and then over again to meet the right edge.

    Cut off the extra flaps at the bottom edge, so you once again have a triangle shape.

    Hold the multilayered paper together as you begin cutting small designs around the edges of the triangle. Always cut through all the paper layers. Experiment with different shapes, such as small squares, triangles and curves.

    Unfold the paper carefully to reveal your snowflake.

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