Instructions for Beading a Barefoot Sandal

    by Alec Preble

    About the Author

    Alec Preble began writing professionally in 2007. He began blogging in 2006, writing media reviews for the "Post-Standard" from 2007-2008. Preble received a Bachelor of Arts in English from Empire State College in 2005.


    Barefoot sandals are like necklaces for your feet. They consist of a string of beads with a loop on the end. The loop circles one toe while the rest of the string gets wrapped around an ankle. Barefoot sandals stretch to fit most shoe sizes and can be worn with or without regular sandals. Make a pair for yourself to show off your flair for fashion and then show off your generous side by making a pair for a special friend or family member's next birthday.

    Things You'll Need

    • Seed beads
    • Elastic jewelry wire
    • Super glue

    Cut a 36-inch piece of elastic wire.

    String 2 inches of seed beads onto the wire.

    Fold the wire in half so the beads you have already strung on it are evenly displaced on each side of the center.

    String three more beads onto both pieces of wire to form a loop of beads for your toe, secured by these three additional beads. Thread these beads onto both wire ends to secure the loop.

    String each side separately with beads until you have about 2 inches of string left on each end.

    Tie both ends together with a slipknot, and add a dab of glue to the knot to secure. Allow to dry before handling.

    Slip your foot through the large hole and wrap it once more around your ankle. Secure the small loop around your second toe and adjust for comfort.

    • Add larger accent beads at intervals or in a pattern to your barefoot sandals to make them even prettier.