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    You can turn ordinary sheets of lightweight cardboard, known as poster board, into numerous creative and informational projects. For example, use poster board to display your favorite hobbies and projects, explain procedures and concepts, or make photo collages of things dear to you. You are only limited by your imagination and the size of your poster board. Purchase poster board in various colors and sizes at office supply stores, arts and craft stores, dollar stores and online.

    Design Presentations

    You can use poster board for your business meeting presentations, classrooms and more. The key is to keep the poster board size no larger than three feet high and four feet wide. Print the title across the top of the board using large letters, and follow it with the presenter's name and location of work in smaller letters. People sitting at a distance from the poster board should be able to read all written statements on the board. Use photos and graphs, for example, in the center of the poster board, to display the results of your presentation. Keep information such as the introduction and procedures listed on the left of the presentation. The presentation conclusion can be printed on the right. Poster board is available printed with a faint grid to use as guidelines for printing and aligning pictures.

    Organize Ideas

    Organize your ideas effortlessly by making a storyboard. Use a poster board 22 inches by 28 inches and different sizes of sticky notes. Write every idea you want to use for your projects as a statement on separate, small sticky notes. As you look at your pile of ideas, stick the ideas you want to use one at a time on your poster board, and discard the ones you do not want. Assign a category to a larger sticky note and place the note at the top of your poster board. You can assign a new category on another large sticky note, whenever an idea note no longer fits into the existing category. When you have finished, put the idea notes in order under each category, and use the poster board as an outline for your project or writings. Although this process can take time, it does not require much thought. According to Ben Dean, Ph.D., coach trainer and founder of Mental Coach, you can even watch television at the same time and get successful results.

    Create a Vision Board

    Use poster board about 18 inches by 22 inches to create a vision board, a collage of images and words representing your life goals. As you use your imagination and creativity while making your vision board, your subconscious mind stores the information it gathers when you view your board, and then helps you make choices in life that make your vision come true. First select bright, colorful pictures from magazines and free-stock images online that reflect you and your goals. Print, cut and paste those images onto your poster board. You should feel happy when looking at everything on your vision board. When you have finished placing your goals on the board, look at your board each morning for five minutes to get inspiration.

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