Ideas for Easy Train Crafts for Kids

    by Tiffany Roget


    If you're looking to entertain your kids for an afternoon or weekend, crafty projects encourage them to explore their imaginations. Family time doesn't have to be relegated to video games and movies with these easy-to-assemble household materials. You can choose to play a particular themed CD while you build or play a game that reflects trains after you're finished. However you decide to spend your time together, know that various activities are available to you.

    Candy Train

    The candy train is fun, easy, quick to make and best of all, kids get to eat it while they make it. Required supplies include a hot glue gun, a roll of hard candy (like Lifesavers), four wrapped peppermint candies, a wrapped caramel, a wrapped chocolate kiss and a short yarn or string. To begin, heat up the hot glue gun. An adult is best utilized for this step because the gun gets hot fast. Once your gun is ready to go, glue one each of the four wrapped peppermint candies to each corner of the roll of candy. The peppermints should resemble wheels on a train. Next glue the caramel to the top, at one end of the train and glue the chocolate kiss on top of that. Let all the candy dry and then attach the string or yarn in the middle to hang on the tree as an ornament.

    Easy Train Paper Craft

    Easy train paper craft is a simple, few-materials-required art project suitable for younger as well as creative, crafty older kids. You will need access to a printer, construction paper, crayons, markers, colored pencils, scissors and glue. Optional items include cotton balls, photos and magazine clippings of kids or toys. To begin, print out a template online, preferably with colored construction paper. Color the appropriate train pieces and then cut them out. Next, glue the face onto the front of the train and then glue the smokestack on to the top. Add a bit of cotton ball to the smokestack for smoke at this point if you like. Finally, glue the wheels on to the bottom of the train. If you cut out clippings of kids or gathered photos of your family, glue a picture in the driver's seat. You can either stop here with the one car or you can print the number two template and add a caboose.

    Chugga-chugga Choo choo! Train Craft

    Chugga-chugga choo choo! train craft gives kids an opportunity to use their imaginations while constructing the craft as well as have a new toy to play with later. To make this project you will need colored construction paper, scissors, tape, glue, cotton balls, crayons and a pen or pencil. To begin tape two pieces of construction paper together end-to-end to create a background. Consider the colors blue or green for the outdoors or gray for a train station. Next take another piece of colored paper and trace your arm from the elbow down and hand. Make sure when you trace your hand you keep your thumb flush with your palm. Cut out your hand print and square off the palm. This will become your train's engine. You may need an additional piece of paper for your arm depending on its length. Take your arm tracings and cut them out and into train car sections. Arrange all train cars in a row on the background piece of paper and glue or tape to attach. Finally it's time to decorate by adding colors with crayons or markers, cotton balls for smoke puffs and windows with black pieces of paper.