Ideas for Decorating Valentine Boxes for School

    by Diane Steinbach

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    Diane Steinbach has been writing for a variety of professional, educational and entertainment publications for more than 15 years. She has authored several books on art therapy, including "Art as Therapy: Innovations, Inspiration and Ideas." Steinbach holds a Bachelor of Arts in art therapy and behavioral science from Mount Mary College in Milwaukee.


    Valentine's Day in grade school hasn't changed much in the last four decades and always includes a friendly Valentine card exchange amongst classmates. And before the big exchange, the youngsters will get to make a special mailbox to hold all their Valentine's Day greetings. You can get creative and help your child decorate his mailbox in a special way with decorations that will make his box stand out from the crowd.

    Start with the Box

    While a Valentine's Day card box is commonly made out of an old shoe box, you can also get brown cardboard boxes in other shapes from an arts and crafts store, or get creative and use a circular box, a cube or even a heart-shaped box instead. Regardless of the box you choose, it needs to have a lid and an opening large enough to accommodate an average school Valentine card. Take a pencil and draw a straight line in the middle of the box top about four inches long. Poke a hole at one end of the line with scissors or a utility knife -- a job for adults only -- and then cut along the line. Widen the opening by cutting off a half inch of the lid around the opening so cards can be inserted easily.

    Paper Applications

    If you have old gift wrapping on hand, look for pink, red or shiny silver paper, or buy some special paper for the box. Wrap the box and lid with the wrapping paper for an instant Valentine's Day box transformation. You can enhance the decorative finish more by cutting out letters from card stock to spell your child's name and gluing them onto the front of the box. Have your child apply Valentine's Day stickers to the box lid, too. Alternatively, give your child more room for creativity by wrapping your shoe box in brown, red or white paper. She can cover this blank canvas with hearts and polka dots drawn on with markers or crayons, or use stamps instead.

    Glue It On

    Make your child's Valentine's Day box more three-dimensional and a centerpiece-worthy display by gluing on decorations. Using white glue, you can attach candy hearts all over the entire box lid and cover the rest of the box with plain, red construction paper. You can also use old Valentine cards to create a collage on the box. Again using white glue, have your child glue the old cards to the box, overlapping them to cover and allow the collage to dry. Glue on some red or pink glitter to the box lid to add some "bling." Just cover the box with plain red, pink or white construction paper and then brush white glue all over the lid of the box. Place the lid on a piece of newspaper and have your child sprinkle on red or pink glitter.

    Photograph Application

    Spend some time with your child and his friends and take plenty of pictures of their faces. If your child is old enough, have him take a small digital camera to school to take photos of friends at recess. Print out the photos and trim them down to show just the faces. Next, cut out a variety of heart shapes in pink, white and red construction paper and have your child glue the faces to the middle of the hearts. Glue the hearts over the prepared box and overlap as necessary.


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