Ideas to Decorate Pumpkins Like Famous Characters

    by Anne Baley

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    The traditional jack-o-lantern sports triangle eyes and a jagged mouth with a few teeth. Extreme pumpkin carvers take the orange vegetable to another level of creativity. You can make pumpkin carving an art form by creating masterpieces that look like familiar characters. Be warned: It may bring about uncontrollable laughter. Carve your next pumpkin to look like someone famous and you might win fame as the neighborhood pumpkin artist.

    Harry Potter

    Recreate the famous boy wizard to delight the neighborhood children. Cut out normal eyes and a small nose, and make a circular mouth to imitate a look of surprise. Carve circular glasses shapes outlining Harry Potter's eyes, and create a lightning-shaped scar on the forehead. Wrap the bottom three inches of a smooth stick with brown fabric or leather strips to make a wand. Lay the wand next to the pumpkin head, so that Harry Potter will have it handy in case his nemesis Voldemort arrives.

    Mickey Mouse

    Create a famous pumpkin face that even the smallest trick-or-treaters may recognize. Cut out two circles from black construction paper. Tape skewers to the bottom of the circles and poke the skewers into the top of your pumpkin, creating Mickey ears. Cut out tall oval eyes and design the nose into an oval that lays on its side. Create a wide grin for a mouth. Make a cone out of blue construction paper and cover it with silver star stickers. Set the cone on top of your Mickey pumpkin to transform it into Fantasia Mickey.

    Gene Simmons

    If you've got a rock and roll soul, create a pumpkin likeness of Gene Simmons from KISS. Cut out normal oval eyes and a small oval mouth. Paint your pumpkin totally white. Paint a black widow's peak at the front of the forehead, black lining around the mouth and black bat shapes around the eyes. Form a long tongue from a slice of ham and connect it to the mouth opening with toothpicks. Finish your KISS pumpkin with a long black wig.

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