Ideas for Baby Diaper Crafts

    by Jenna Marie

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    A baby shower gives you the opportunity to show off your baby diaper crafting skills. While baby diapers are not a traditional crafting medium, there are some clever craft ideas out there that will pleasantly surprise guests and can double as decorations and as a gift for the mother-to-be.

    Diaper Bear

    Construct a bear made out of diapers and baby accessories to use as a sweet and practical centerpiece for the baby shower. Use a package of diapers, rolled end-to-end (snowball-style) for the bear’s body. Rolled diapers make the round head, ears, hands and feet. Each section is wrapped with a colorful baby-themed ribbon. Tape the sections together with double-sided tape and glue on googly eyes. Add a black pompom for a nose. Give the bear a cute baby bib, sunbonnet and socks to wear, a pacifier to suck and any other baby accessories you can think of. Don’t forget to put the baby bear in a “real” diaper, strapped around the lower part of the body.

    Diaper Cake

    Not only is this diaper craft pretty, but it provides the new mother with essential baby items. Choose a cake theme, such as rubber ducks, daisies or dump trucks, then purchase materials that fit the theme. Roll up about 50 diapers and tape them closed. Purchase a substantial item for the center of the cake, like a bottle of baby shampoo, lotion or a baby bottle. With the bottle in the center, add rolled diapers around it in a circle, taping them together. When the bottom layer is the size you want, wrap a ribbon around the base. Repeat the process, making two more cake layers. Adorn the cake with small themed items, such as headbands, pacifiers and small toys.

    Diaper Dolly

    This craft is best suited for a baby girl, because the end result is a sweet doll with a full skirt. Use diapers and a solid baby item, like a box of baby wipes, to form the skirt for the doll. Simply tape the diapers to the box of wipes, so that they fan out into a full circle. Add a few more layers of diaper circles (somewhat like a hoop skirt) before nestling a real baby doll sitting up in the center. Dress the doll in a baby onesie and a bib. Then, drape a lacy receiving blanket around the diaper "hoop-skirt" to create the doll's skirt. There's no wrong way to create this diaper craft as long as you affix the diapers to flare out like a full skirt. Tuck the ends of the blanket in the back for the best skirt effect.

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