Homemade Schoolgirl Costume

    by Matthew Anderson

    About the Author

    Matthew Anderson started as a writer and editor in 2003. He has written content used in a textbook published by Wiley Publishing, among other publications. Anderson majored in chemical engineering and has training in guitar performance, music theory and song composition.


    The schoolgirl costume is common at costume parties and during Halloween. It is distinct enough to be immediately recognizable, yet is quite easy to put together. You may even already have everything they need already. The costume allows for quite a bit of variance, but does require a few details in order to work. The costume can illustrate everything from a sincere portrayal of a school uniform to fairly risque.


    The shirt should be a white, button-down shirt. More sincere costumes should have the shirt that is long enough to tuck into the top of the skirt. More risque costumes will typically have the midriff exposed by either having a short length shirt or by tying the shirt in a knot. Either short or long sleeves are fine, but long-sleeve shirts should have button cuffs.


    The skirt should be pleated and usually around knee length, though it is shortened when going for a risque look. It should usually be plaid, but otherwise a solid color can be used. Most other designs and patterns will not look right. The fabric should be a dark color, but not black. Plaid skirts can go a bit brighter with red, but should generally be a fairly deep shade.

    Scarf or Tie

    A scarf or tie is not a mandatory part of the costume, but it can add to the overall look. The scarf should match the skirt. Ideally it should be the exact same pattern and fabric. Ties go under the collar.


    The hair for a schoolgirl costume should be a natural color. Colors such as blue, purple, green or other unnatural shades will not usually work for this type of costume. Hair styles should be simple and practical. Pony tails, head bands or brushed-back hair will all work fine. It should be something easy that keeps your hair out of your face.


    Any makeup worn should be subtle. Focus on light shades that do not draw too much attention. Avoid deep, vibrant shades of red lipstick and use lighter, more natural shades of pink. Makeup could simply not be worn at all, as well.


    The costume can be further improved with just about any school-related item. Since a purse doesn't really fit with this kind of costume, a backpack makes an appropriate looking substitute.