Homemade Minnie Mouse Centerpieces

    by LaurenKrotosky

    If you’re organizing a Disney-themed party for a child’s birthday or some other event, consider putting together a simple Minnie Mouse centerpiece to place on a buffet or side table. A Minnie Mouse centerpiece can include a flower arrangement and some festive additions, with Minnie’s image in the center of the piece. These items can be made with just a few basic materials and tools, some of which you may already have on hand.

    Things You'll Need

    • Floral foam
    • Basket
    • Tissue paper
    • Silk flowers
    • Curling ribbon
    • Scissors
    • 13 skewers
    • Coloring book
    • Markers
    • Glue

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    Place a brick of floral foam inside a basket. Floral foam can be found at most floral shops or craft stores. Make sure the basket has no handle.

    Stuff green tissue paper around the floral foam so that there are no openings.

    Stick silk flowers into the floral foam, placing the flowers close enough together all around the foam that there is a thick grouping and you can’t see through to the foam. Use silk flowers in red and white, which are the colors of Minnie’s dress.

    Cut 12 pieces of 12-inch curling ribbons in red and white to match Minnie’s dress. Curl each ribbon by running the blade of a pair of scissors along the ribbon.

    Tie the end of each ribbon to a wooden skewer and stick the skewers into the foam so that curly ribbon pokes out among the flowers.

    Tear out a coloring book sheet with an image of Minnie Mouse on it and color it in with markers. Cut out the image and glue it to a wooden skewer.

    Stick the Minnie Mouse skewer into the middle of the centerpiece so it stands out above the flowers.

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