How to Hand Quilt

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    Hand quilting is an art handed down through generations in America. Handmade quilts contain a warm, rich feel because of the time and personal attention required to produce one. Although it takes more time than using a sewing machine, learning to hand quilt is well worth the effort and is found to be a relaxing pastime. A small hand made quilt is a great gift for a new mom, who will be happy to receive this cozy and useful item.

    Things You'll Need

    • Quilting needles size 9
    • Cotton thread
    • Quilting hoop
    • Thimble

    Assemble the top, batting and backing of your quit, and baste them together with 2-inch long stitches to sandwich the pieces together securely so that they don't shift when adjusting them in the quilt hoop. When the quilt is finished, you will remove the basting threads.

    Pick your quilting pattern. There are many patterns available, to trace onto your quilt, with special fabric pens. It is easier to just quilt around the designs or blocks or in the seam lines on your first quilt rather than try to learn on an intricate quilting design.

    Place your quilt in the hoop, with the hoop positioned in the center of the quilt. Thread a size 9 needle with 24 inches of thread and make a knot in one strand. Working from the top, slip the needle down through the first layer of the quilt, through the batting and backing with your finger, covered with a thimble. Push the needle upward to the quilt front surface.

    Begin quilting by using the small running stitch. Use the thimble on your middle or forefinger to push the needle through the layers, keeping your other hand below to help guide the needle. This may take some practice to make your stitches even.

    • Practice hand quilting on plain white fabric inserted in a quilt hoop, using black thread. Practice 20 minutes every day, and in a week your quilting stitch will be small and even.