Glass Window Painting Ideas

    by Aya Pauli

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    Glass window painting is useful for more than just business advertising. The art allows homeowners to create decorative or privacy windows. Window painting is far cheaper than stained glass windows or window films, is customizable and can be changed frequently. Anyone with a stencil and quality glass paint can create professional results. Freehand or stenciled, there are painting techniques and designs to suit any need.

    Colorful Trim

    A thin and colorful painted trim around the edges of a small glass window adds an artistic accent to a boring window without overwhelming it or obscuring the view. Use black paint to outline the edge of the design and create a definitive border. Regular acrylic craft paints work well for a temporary window trim. Paint colorful flowers or foliage, use a ruler to create opaque mosaic-like squares, or add a race track, animals or polka-dots for a child's room.

    Privacy Pattern

    Add an intimate and artistic accent to any room by painting a glass window with a privacy pattern. Privacy patterns are designs that obscure most or all of the view through the window. The decorative patterns can also cover the upper or lower half of any window. Talented painters can cover the window freehand, but if you're not quite so artistically enabled choose any design and transfer it to a large piece of craft paper. Tape the paper to the opposite side of the window and copy the picture on to the window with paint.

    Seasonal Decorations

    Use craft or window paint to create temporary seasonal paintings on a glass window. Change the design to suit the season, such as adding glittery gold, copper and bronze acrylic leaves scattered across a large window in the fall, or sparkling silver and white glass snowflakes in winter. A holly garland, presents, reindeer or ornaments add a festive mood at Christmas. Change the design as often as you like, even for special days not associated with traditional holidays like summer solstice. Let children participate by using hand and fingerprints as the basis for pictures, such as a hand print turkey at Thanksgiving.