Fun Things That Kids Can Do at Home

    by Rianne Hill Soriano

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    Short attention spans may become a challenge when children are simply staying at home, especially during school vacations. There are many fun things adults can do with kids at home, not only to prevent them from getting bored, but also to allow them to develop their mental, physical and creative skills. They'll be too busy having fun to realize they're learning.

    Stalking Through a Scavenger Hunt

    A scavenger hunt is a simple, fun way to keep children engaged while they are stuck inside the house. This game requires a list of items to be found. The children search for all the items on the list, and they place them in their designated baskets. Toddlers can find simple item, like something blue or something soft. For older kids, there should be a bit more challenge on the list. Hiding clues around the house or drawing a map where the items can be found also make the game more entertaining and exciting. For the youngest participants, use a pictorial list or send them to find one item at a time, telling them what they are seeking.

    Building an Indoor Fort

    The house's playroom, the kid’s room or any other available space inside the house can be a venue for a fort-building project. Children can even make an indoor clubhouse designed as a little place of their own. Help the children decide on a theme and appearance for their fort or clubhouse. After making a blanket fort, a camper’s mini-home, a doll house, a giant box decorated using markers and crayons or a little cave made of thick boards and papers, crawl in together to enjoy a snack, watch a movie or even take a nap.

    Making Scrapbooks

    To enhance the creative skills of children, encourage them to use photos, stickers, colored papers and other artistic embellishments to create personalized scrapbooks. With your guidance or assistance, let the kids cut and paste their favorite photos and art materials onto their scrapbook pages. This type of activity inspires them to see precious memories transform into colorful works of art.

    Playing with Bubbles

    Mixing liquid dishwashing detergent, water and food coloring produces a bubble-blowing solution that is safe for indoor use and doesn't cause adults headaches over possible waste and mess. Playing with bubbles starts when you put the solution in a jar, dip in a wand made from clothes hanger wire or pipe cleaners, and pucker up to blow. If you are concerned about stains on furniture or carpeting, leave out the food coloring.

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