Fun Things to Do With Construction Paper

    by Shelley Frost

    About the Author

    Based in the Midwest, Shelley Frost has been writing parenting and education articles since 2007. Her experience come from teaching, tutoring and managing educational after school programs. Frost worked in insurance and software testing before becoming a writer. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in elementary education with a reading endorsement.


    Construction paper provides a versatile craft material for kids' projects. The inexpensive paper comes in a variety of colors and sizes and is easy to cut and glue for craft projects. A staple in any child's craft container, construction paper allows kids to express their creativity in many ways.

    Paper Countdown Chains

    Create paper chains using construction paper. Cut various colors of construction paper into strips about 1-inch wide. Make a loop with the first strip and staple the ends to hold it together. Place the next strip of paper through the original loop, making the second strip into its own loop. Staple the second loop, which forms the beginning of the chain. Continue the process of adding loops until the chain reaches the desired length. Use the paper chains as a countdown to upcoming events. Make one link for each day until the event. Take one link off the chain each day as a visual reminder of the length of time until the event.


    Construction paper allows kids to make puppets in different styles. Design a puppet character and cut it out from different colors of construction paper. Attach a small puppet to a short strip of construction paper to create finger puppets. Attach a larger puppet to a craft stick, which serves as the puppet's handle. Use construction paper to create the details on a paper-bag puppet.


    Create homemade pennants using construction paper. Cut a piece of construction paper into a triangular pennant shape. Use stickers and markers to create a design on the construction paper pennant, which may include a favorite sports team, the child's name or a general message of encouragement. Glue the pennant to a sturdy straw or wooden dowel to create a handle. Add thin streamers for additional decoration.


    Create a collage, using construction paper as the base. Collect various items from around the house, such as cotton balls, bottle caps, foil scraps and cupcake liners. Attach the items to a piece of construction paper with tape or glue in any pattern to create the collage. Cut shapes from other colors of construction paper for additional collage items.


    Use construction paper to make homemade books on any topic. Select a color for the cover of the book. Fold the piece of construction paper in half. Fold several sheets of plain white paper in half to form the pages of the book. Slide the folded white paper inside the construction paper cover, and staple the pages together. Add pictures and text to the homemade book. For a personalized book, take a walk around the neighborhood, using a camera to take photos of familiar neighborhood sights. Use the photographs to write a story about the neighborhood. ABC books, animal books and books about a child's favorite hobby are other options for the homemade books.