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    by Racheal Ambrose

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    Many people use duct tape as a crafting material. Recently, more companies began selling duct tape in various colors and patterns to meet the increased interest in duct tape crafts. When learning to craft from duct tape, start with a simple project. As you improve your skills, you can move up to the more difficult ideas.

    Wallets and Purses

    Create something to hold your money in out of duct tape, like wallets and purses. Use the duct tape to form the shape of the items. You can use a variety of colored duct tape to suit the projects and your whim; don't feel obliged to stick with just gray. Be aware that as fun as they may be to use -- as much to carry money and personal items as for a discussion piece -- the items won’t last over a long period. They tend to wear out, and are not waterproof. Keep the items out of water and direct sunlight to extend their lives.


    Make a folder out of duct tape to organize your papers in a unique way. The tape is strong enough to prevent the papers from bending. You can make the folder out of just duct tape, or wrap an old folder in the tape. Use the folder for school or at home, with different colors for different projects or relevance. After you construct the folder itself, mix and match other colors or patterns of duct tape to make designs on the surface; these will definitely stand out in any file folder drawer.


    Create your own necklaces, bracelets and anklets out of duct tape. Press the sticky sides of two pieces of tape together and roll or bend it to form a basic shape. Use a small separate piece of tape to hook the ends together. Decorate it with other colors of duct tape or colored pens. You can also wrap duct tape around items to make the jewelry, like straws or thick cords, however be prepared to replace that piece of tape; it will lose its stickiness over time.

    Storage Containers

    Overall, duct tape is fairly flexible. Shape duct tape into bowls and cups to store items. For example, create a unique set of pen cups for a desk. Make each cup out of a different color of duct tape. In order to hold the shape, you need to use several layers of duct tape or wrap the duct tape around an item (foam cups and bowls work well). Only use the bowls to store items, not to hold food.

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