Fun and Easy Crafts for Adults

    by Susan Brockett

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    Seventy-six percent of households in the United States have at least one member who does crafts, and they spend more than seven hours a week doing that craft, according to surveys by the Craft and Hobby Association. The reasons adults do crafts are a bit harder to quantify, but many agree that crafting reduces stress, helps concentration and lowers blood pressure. These are all good reasons to find a craft that can express your creativity and is easy to learn.

    Recycling Crafts

    If you are appalled by the amount of trash that ends up on your curb, recycle some of the detritus into decorative items. Use old newspaper for papier-mâché. Turn an old book into a safe place to hide valuables. Make old T-shirts new again with fabric paint. Make plarn--plastic yarn--out of plastic bags, and crochet it into rugs or tote bags. All of these crafts are easy to create, and you will feel a sense of accomplishment turning trash to treasure.

    Seasonal Decorations

    Craft stores are filled with fun ideas for holiday decoration crafts. From polymer clay tree decorations to wreaths to ready-to-carve pumpkins, you can decorate your house for all occasions. Check your local craft stores for demonstrations and instructions on seasonal crafts to find one that is easy and interests you.

    Kitchen Crafts

    If you like to bake, have an eye for color and a sweet tooth, consider decorating cookies. Cookie cutters come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, and icing colors are available in a myriad of colors. Add your sense of fun, and you'll be making giraffes with purple spots, rhinestone-studded cowboy hats and hearts with "Mom" tattoos. To give these cookies as gifts, wrap the cookies in cellophane gift bags with ribbons for a professional presentation.


    Unleash your inner third-grader, and start making scrapbooks. All the cutting, pasting and gluing may make a mess, but the end result is a way to remember the past. Or, instead of printing out photographs for a traditional scrapbook, consider a digital version, and create pages on your computer.

    Knitting or Crocheting

    It's never too late to start knitting or crocheting. The repetitive motions of these crafts can calm nerves and focus the mind as well as creating warm and useful items. For easy instructions, look at your local yarn shops for classes, the library for books or on the Internet for video instructions.

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