How to Front Post Double Crochet

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    The front post double crochet stitch adds texture to your crochet project by pulling the post -- the upright strands -- of the stitch forward. It looks great in sweaters and afghans, particularly those that are meant to be used or worn in the coldest weather. Different combinations of post stitches can create the look of a cable, basket weave and other attractive textures.

    Things You'll Need

    • Yarn
    • Crochet hook

    Begin with a row of double crochet stitches. Turn and work one double stitch in the next row.

    Choose which stitches are front post stitches. You can work front posts in every stitch at regular intervals or in a pattern of several front posts and several regular stitches.

    Yarn over. Insert your crochet hook into the front of the previous row between the posts of the stitch before and the stitch selected as the front post stitch.

    Insert the hook between the posts from back to front between the front post stitch and the next stitch.

    Yarn over. Pull the yarn even with the current row and complete a double stitch.

    • The front post double crochet is indicated by the abbreviation "fpdc" in crochet patterns.
    • Using all front post stitches will result in texture on both sides of the work.
    • Alternating front and back post stitches will result in texture on one side only.
    • The front post double crochet doesn't turn out well on projects that are too loosely stitched, such as those using a very large hook.