How to Fold a Paper Pirate Hat

    by Brian Adler

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    Pirates wore many kinds of hats and bandannas. One common style was the captain's hat, usually worn by the commander of the pirate vessel. The captain's hat was high and had a shape that was somewhat arched or triangular. Captain hats were often trimmed with plumes and gold or silver braids. Use newspaper for making a pirate hat because the paper is of optimal size and weight.

    Things You'll Need

    • 1 full sheet of newspaper
    • Paint (optional)
    • Paint brush (optional)
    • Plumes and other accessories (optional)

    Fold the newspaper in half so that just the first page is visible. You should be able to see the entire first page.

    Turn the paper so that the long, folded side is horizontal. Fold down the two top corners so that they reach within 2 inches of the bottom of the paper and their sides meet in the middle. You should now have a large triangle with a band or flap along the bottom edge.

    Fold up the top sheet of the flap. Fold the other side of the flap up toward the other side of the hat.

    Fold the entire hat in the middle on a line going from the point of the triangle down to the bottom of the hat. Re-open the fold. Your hat should have what appears to be two sections, one of which can hang downward when placed on the head.

    Place the hat on your head, one side of the triangle facing forward. Mold the crown a little with your hands so that it partially takes the shape of your head. Push the other part of the hat -- the part beyond the fold -- downward slightly so that it covers part of the back of your neck.

    • Paint and decorate the pirate hat. Pirate hats were usually black, but you can paint the hat any color. Draw a skull and crossbones or other design on the hat. Add feathers and gold and silver tinsel.
    • Try twisting together the opposite ends of the brim at the front and back.
    • Fold the brim carefully to avoid tearing the paper.

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