How to Fold Paper Hearts

    by Ainsley Patterson

    About the Author

    Based in Ypsilanti, Mich., Ainsley Patterson has been a freelance writer since 2007. Her articles appear on various websites. She especially enjoys utilizing her more than 10 years of craft and sewing experience to write tutorials. Patterson is working on her bachelor's degree in liberal arts at the University of Michigan.


    Folding sheets of notebook paper into different shapes is a great way to make your notes to friends unique. There are lots of different shapes that you can fold a sheet of paper into, including a simple origami heart.The heart is especially appropriate for a Valentine's Day love note.

    Things You'll Need

    • Sheet of standard letter size notebook paper

    Place your sheet of notebook paper on the table in front of you vertically. If you are folding a note, the written side should be face up.

    Fold the upper right-hand corner of your paper diagonally to the left-hand edge of your paper. Make a crease and unfold your paper. Repeat this with the other side of your paper. You should now have two creases in your paper that make an "X."

    Fold the top edge of your paper down to where the two diagonal creases that you just made end, which should result in a line running horizontally through the "X" from the previous step. Unfold your paper. Make this same fold toward the back of the paper and press the crease again.

    Bring the right and the left edge of the crease you made in the previous step together and then lower this down toward you, flattening the diagonal creases from before. What should result is a large triangle sitting atop a rectangle. In origami, this form is known as a waterbomb base.

    Fold the left-hand corner of the top flap of the triangle you just created up to the center point of the triangle. Do the same with the right-hand corner of your triangle.

    Fold the right- and left-hand bottom edges of your piece of paper to the center of the paper. There should now be a line running down the center of your folded piece of paper. If folded correctly, the outline of your paper should resemble the shape of a house.

    Fold the bottom edge of your paper up to the bottom point of the diamond shape you have created with your folds.

    Turn your piece of paper over. Fold the point at the top of your piece of paper down as far as it will go so that you have an upside down triangle.

    Fold the lower left- and right-hand corners of your piece of paper to the center, tucking them into the flaps of the upside down triangle you created in the previous step.

    Fold the two points at the top of your folded piece of paper down diagonally, with the left-hand point going right and the right-hand point going left. Fold them down so that the point comes down to the horizontal line you just created with the last fold, then fold the tip of the point up so that it is tucked up and under the edges of the upside down triangle.

    Flip your piece of paper over and admire your completed origami heart shape.