How to fold an origami shirt from a dollar bill

    by Amanda Gamm

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    The word “origami” means “folding paper” in Japanese. It is an art form that started hundreds of years ago and still survives today. Currently, it is a popular form of entertainment for people of all ages across the globe. Origami art is continuously evolving. You can now find people making origami art with any piece of paper they find. Using money is now a popular tool for fun origami crafts. A simple origami project for all ages is making a collared shirt with a dollar bill.

    Things You'll Need

    • Dollar bill

    Fold the dollar bill in half lengthwise and unfold.

    Fold in each long side of the bill into the center fold.

    Turn the bill over and fold down the white part of one short end of the bill. Flip back to the folded side.

    Take the points of the same short side that you just folded and fold them in toward the center fold. This forms the collar.

    Fold the other short end of the bill upward just shy of one-third of the way. Fold up again so it can tuck under the collar.

    Unfold until the bill is long again, leaving the collar alone. Take the first fold that went in one-third of the way and fold it out so it forms an outward triangle. This will form the sleeve. Repeat on the other side. You know the fold is correct when the bottom section naturally folds back up.

    Refold again so that the bottom can tuck back under the collar.

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