How to Finger Weave

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    Finger weaving, also called finger knitting, is an inexpensive craft that anyone can learn and do anywhere. All you need is your fingers and some yarn. Amaze yourself at how many different things you can create by finger weaving. You can finger weave hair accessories, jewelry, jump ropes, scarves, sashes or even a belt. But beware: once you get the hang of it, you might find finger weaving addictive.

    Things You'll Need

    • Yarn
    • Scissors

    Tie the loose end from the ball of yarn in a loop around your thumb.

    Weave the yarn in and out between your fingers and then back again, so you have two lines of yarn showing one above the other.

    Start with your index finger, and pull the yarn on the inside up over the finger so the loop is now on the back of your finger. Repeat this process with all your fingers.

    Repeat weaving the yarn in and out of your fingers when there is only one line left after you have completed the third step. Continue process. A rope-like strand of yarn forms at the back of your hand.

    Finish by repeating process in the third step so there is once again only one line of yarn on the inside of your fingers. Cut the yarn, leaving some extra length, and pull it through the loop on each finger.

    Tie a knot at both ends. Slip loop of yarn off each finger one at a time.

    • Use different-colored yarns, replacing the colors as you go along. You can have a multicolored strand at the end of your project.
    • If you need to stop before finishing the project, mark your spot by slipping a pencil or dowel through the loops on your fingers. Come back to it later.
    • Tie the two outer loops through the two inner loops to make a ring for a bracelet or necklace.
    • Do not cut the yarn from the ball.
    • Do not weave the yarn around your thumb.