Easy Mosaic Tile Projects for Kids

    by B.T. Alo

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    Mosaic -- which involves sticking small tile fragments into an adhesive surface to form a design -- is an ancient form of artwork commonly used to decorate floors, walls, tables and tiles. The ancient Greeks, Romans and Byzantines were famous for their complex mosaic work, but today's kids can make simple mosaics too. It's best to start youngsters off covering flat items with small surfaces until they get the hang of working with tile. Adults will generally need to supervise and do some of the preparation work.

    Tools and Preparation

    Find pre-cut squares of tile or opaque glass in craft stores to use as kid-safe alternatives to cutting tile or using broken ceramics. If you want to cut your own pieces, do so and sand down any sharp or rough edges before letting children use them for mosaic projects. Other necessary supplies include grout or tile adhesive and a spatula, squeegee or other tool for spreading the grout or adhesive. Advise your children to draw their mosaic design on paper first.

    Picture Frame

    The edge of a picture frame is an easy mosaic tile project for kids. Friends or family will appreciate a handmade mosaic picture frame as a special gift. A wood frame with a smooth surface is best for use with mosaic work. Any design the child wants can embellish the edge of the frame.


    Making simple drink coasters is a good first mosaic project kids can complete without losing patience with the process. Any plain coaster or a cut piece of wood can be used as the base. Glue felt fabric to the bottom for a non-slip surface. More patient kids can make multiple coasters, practicing different designs on each. Making coasters is also something practical, and kids can feel proud when they use their handmade coasters for their drinks.


    Children can make an ordinary dish special by creating a new mosaic surface. A dish with a flat bottom is best, and kids can apply the mosaic just to the inside, or both the inside and outside of the dish. Use the finished mosaic dish to hold small items like keys and change, craft supplies or jewelry.

    Jewelry Box

    The lid of a jewelry box is perfectly suited for mosaic embellishment. Pieces of shiny, mirrored or glittery tile are especially apt. Designs can include jewelry motifs, such as diamond shapes or a necklace shape so anyone looking at the box knows what’s inside.

    Wall Art

    Wall hangings provide the opportunity for kids to make a picture-like mosaic for hanging on their bedroom wall, or to give as a gift. A wooden board is a suitable base. Mosaic wall hangings can include underwater themes, animal themes or pictures of flowers, trees and birds. Give your child a sheet of graph paper and crayons in the colors of your tiles and let their imagination run free designing the mosaic wall hanging before getting to work with tiles and grout.