Easy Halloween Crafts for Toddlers

    by Shelley Frost

    About the Author

    Based in the Midwest, Shelley Frost has been writing parenting and education articles since 2007. Her experience come from teaching, tutoring and managing educational after school programs. Frost worked in insurance and software testing before becoming a writer. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in elementary education with a reading endorsement.


    Pumpkins, ghosts and bats inspire simple Halloween crafts for toddlers. Craft activities are a good way to encourage creativity in young children. Many artistic activities also allow toddlers to practice their fine motor skills as they manipulate the craft materials. Adult supervision is an important part of toddler crafts to ensure the safety of the child. It also prevents your home from being covered in paint and glue.

    Paper Bag Pumpkin

    A brown paper lunch bag serves as the base for a toddler pumpkin craft. The child stuffs the paper bag about two-thirds full with newspaper. Twist the top of the bag and tie it with a string to create the stem. Provide orange and green tempera paint for the toddler to paint the pumpkin. Tie green raffia around the stem to create vines.

    Glue Ghosts

    Glue ghosts add a fun accent to Halloween art displays. Have the child squeeze a generous glob of school glue on a piece of wax paper. Help her fold it in half and squish the glue gently to distribute it evenly. This helps create the ghost shape. Unfold the paper and add two wiggly eyes. Let it dry fully before removing the ghost from the wax paper.

    Footprint and Hand Print Crafts

    Footprint ghosts and hand print bats are a festive way to create a holiday keepsake. For the ghost, paint the bottom of your child's foot, including his toes, with white tempera paint. Help him press it down on a piece of dark blue or black paper. The toes go at the bottom of the ghost. Add some wiggly eyes to complete the ghosts. The bats follow the same concept. Cover both hands with black tempera paint. Press the hands on a piece of light paper with the fingers of both hands pointing out away from each other. The hand prints create the wings. Add wiggly eyes and a mouth on the bat.


    Take precautions when planning Halloween crafts with toddlers. Choose paints, markers and glue that are nontoxic in case the young artists decide to taste test the materials. A layer of newspaper or a plastic sheet protects the table or floor, while an oversized shirt protects the child's clothing. Choose safety scissors so the toddlers can practice fine motor skills.