Easy Dr. Seuss Crafts

    by Christi Aldridge

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    Kids of all ages love Dr. Seuss and his stories. Make the books come to life by helping young children make crafts inspired by Dr. Seuss. Read the books while you make the crafts and look at the pictures so your projects will be accurate.

    The Cat in the Hat

    Make Dr. Seuss's most recognizable accessory: The Cat in the Hat's tall striped hat. Use a white paper bag that the children can color red stripes on, and attach it to the head with yarn or ribbon. Or, make the hat out of poster board. Cut a ring for the hat brim and top it with a cylinder of poster board. Encourage the children to color, paint or add paper stripes to their hat.

    Foot Book

    Have kids trace their feet on construction paper. Decorate them and cut several copies of each foot out. Ask the child to think of all the different things are are bigger or smaller than her feet. Glue the paper feet to blank sheets of paper and ask the child to draw some of the things that she has thought about. Write the words she says and staple the pages together to make her own book.

    Green Eggs and Ham

    Add green food coloring to eggs and make green eggs for the kids while you read the book. Talk about the change in color and test to see if it changes the taste.

    One Fish Two Fish

    Cut fish shapes out of construction paper and add a paper clip to each fish. Use small dowels or pencils with a piece of string and a small magnet attached for fishing rods, and everyone can go fishing.

    Yertle the Turtle

    Kids can make their own turtle by flipping over a paper bowl and using it for a shell. Decorate the shell and cut out construction paper feet and a head. Encourage the children to see how high they can stack their "turtles" before they all fall down.


    Dr. Seuss books are known for their funny rhymes. Encourage kids to write their own funny, simple rhymes and have everyone read them aloud. The sillier they are, the better.

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