Easy Christian Valentine Crafts for Kids

    by Christina Martinez

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    Valentine's Day means Valentines and candy, but for children it's also a time for crafts. Whether kids are doing crafts at a Sunday School or just for fun, there are several easy and inexpensive ideas for Christians. From cards to bookmarks, the kids will be able to make something that reflects their religion.


    Set out markers, construction paper, safety scissors, crayons and any other craft supplies you might think handy. Have the kids create a bookmark with a saying on it like "Jesus Loves Me" or "God Is Love." Ask your child to either write out these words or have the words already printed and cut. Then all your child has to do is glue the saying onto the bookmark. You can even have him put a Bible verse about love onto the bookmark like John 3:16 or 1 Corinthians 18: 4-8a. Because these Bible verses are long, type them and print them out so that he can glue them onto the bookmarks. Your child can then decorate his bookmark with the craft materials you have provided.


    Help your child make a Valentine's Day card to someone special like a father, aunt or grandparent. Set out pieces of blank card stock that you've folded in half into a card shape. Then have your child decorate the card and write a message. Find Bible verses that have to do with love, type them and print them so the kids can place them on the back of their cards.

    Valentine for God

    Since God is love, why not encourage your child to make out her own Valentine to God or Jesus. Use a verse like Psalms 18:1 or John 4:16. Choose a few verses, print them onto a sheet of paper and have your child pick her favorite. Then have her write out the entire verse of their choosing.

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