Drug Free Crafts & Activities for Kids

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    Drug-free and anti-drug crafts and activities are a great way for teachers and parents to teach children about the dangers of drugs and put them on the right path to avoiding them. The D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) program is still used in many schools across the country, and helps to reinforce the hazards associated with drug use. There are a wide variety of crafts and activities you can engage young children in to promote a healthy and drug-free lifestyle.

    Drug-Free Buttons

    Drug-free buttons are a craft children can wear to show off their lifestyle choice and promote a drug-free lifestyle to others. This craft is commonly used by the Downtown Aurora Visual Arts center in Aurora, Colorado, who provides a drug-free outreach program to at-risk youth. To create a drug-free button, you will need a plastic button case, white paper, scissors and colored pencils or markers. Have the child think of a creative saying that promotes a drug-free lifestyle. Trace and cut a piece of white paper that is the same size as the plastic button holder. Have the child transfer their saying onto the paper, and color it using colored pencils or markers. When they are finished creating their button, slip it into the plastic button holder.

    D.A.R.E. Activity Sheets

    The D.A.R.E. program has an entire website dedicated to their mission to keep children away from drugs. They offer a wide variety of word search puzzles, coloring sheets and other printable activity sheets for free on their website. This activity is perfect for teachers, as it provides you with unlimited printouts at no cost to share with your class. When the children have finished their coloring sheets or other activity pages, display them around the classroom.

    My Anti-Drug Foam Frame

    A my anti-drug frame is a great craft to inspire children while promoting a drug-free life. To create a my anti-drug frame, you will need colored craft foam sheets, scissors, glue and markers. Trace a shape onto the foam such as a circle, square or heart. Cut the shape out using scissors. Trace a smaller version of the same shape into the center of the foam, and cut it out using the scissors. Have the child write down something in their life that acts as their anti-drug on the frame. This could be their parents, their friends, their goals or their favorite sport for example. Flip the foam frame over and glue a photo to the back of the frame so that the photo is exposed through the shape you cut in the center.

    Anti-Drug Poster

    An anti-drug poster is an appropriate craft for parents and teachers alike. For teachers, consider making this activity a class effort and having all of the children work together to create a poster to display in your classroom. Have the children create a drug free slogan to put on the poster. Using colored pencils or markers, have them decorate it with pictures and designs. Then, have them create a list of all of the reasons they should say "no" to drugs and write them on the poster.

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