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    Dr. Seuss created some of the most memorable characters in children's literature. Characters such as the Cat in the Hat and the Grinch are American treasures who continue to delight kids and adults both in the United States and abroad. Parents, children and teachers can put their own spin on the characters and stories of Seussville through simple art activities. Whether you like to paint, draw or sculpt, an art project will help Seuss fans connect to the genius of Dr. Seuss.

    Drawing and Coloring

    The most basic way for you and your kid to create a Dr. Seuss art project is to draw pictures of your favorite Dr. Seuss characters and scenes. Try using a variety of drawing tools, such as colored pencils, crayons and markers, to create a wide range of characters. For young children or anyone new to the art world, begin your Seuss drawings by tracing the illustrations within the Seuss book of your choice. Once you get a handle on the basic form of characters such as the Cat in the Hat, the Lorax and Horton, draw them in a scene of your choice. Combine several favorite Seuss characters in a single scene. Sam I Am and Yertle the Turtle may never have met in a Dr. Seuss book, but you can draw a scene with both of them in it.
    For those who don't want to re-draw characters by hand, download Dr. Seuss coloring book pages. With the drawing tool of your choice, add flashy new colors to the Cat's hat or paint the Red Fish purple. Or if you have access to a copying machine, make black-and-white copies of a few Dr. Seuss pages to color in.

    Costume Making

    Children with more theatrical streaks may want to perform their own Dr. Seuss plays with simple homemade Seussian costumes. Create a character's accessories or even sew an entire Lorax costume. Consider which character you want to create, how professional you want the costume to look and what resources you have at your disposal.
    For a simple Cat in the Hat costume, you need some white and red felt. To create the brim, cut a circular piece of cardboard. In the middle of the cardboard, cut a hole big enough to fit around your head. For the top of the hat, use sturdy wire or pipe cleaner to create a frame. Drape the frame and brim with red and white felt in the Cat's classic striped pattern. Put on a pair of white gloves, tie a red ribbon into a bow-tie and pin a black stocking to your rear end for a tail.
    For those who don't have or don't want to use large quantities of felt or fabric, make Dr. Seuss costumes for your stuffed animals or dolls. To turn your teddy bear into Horton, fashion some floppy ears and a trunk out of gray construction paper and tape it to your bear.

    Other Seussville Art Activities

    Artistic re-creations of Dr. Seuss characters know no bounds. Serious artists may wish to take a cue from the online Dr. Seuss art gallery and create paintings or sculptures based on the characters. Kids who don't like to draw can grab a bit of Play-Do or clay and re-create Whoville.
    Another option is making a collage of your favorite Dr. Seuss characters. Photocopy or scan pages from a few different books. Cut out the characters and scenes you want to use in your collage. Paste the cutouts on a piece of paper or hang them on your bedroom wall as a mural.

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