DIY Crafts With Glass Bottles

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    Glass bottles go a long way when it comes to crafting. There are dozens of craft ideas that put to use your recycled glass bottles, including empty wine bottles, perfume bottles, diffuser bottles or other glass bottle types. For variety, visit your local thrift stores or flea markets for interesting and decorative glass bottles to use for your crafts.

    Jewel-Tone Glass Bottles

    There is a special type of glass paint that creates a jewel-tone effect on glass bottles and come in a variety of colors. First, wash and dry the glass bottle or jar. Use a sponge applicator found at craft stores to apply the jewel-tone paint to the surface of the bottle. A second coat may be required for a darker jewel-tone color. Once it is dry, add beads, crystals, ribbon or other embellishments using a hot glue gun.

    Seashell Diffuser Bottle

    A diffuser bottle holds fragrance diffuser reeds, or reed sticks that have been dipped in fragrance oils. Turn a small glass bottle into a diffuser by decorating the bottle and inserting fragrance diffuser reeds. Wash and dry the bottle after removing any labels from its surface. Using a glue stick or other strong glue, attach flat-edged glass beads, colored sea glass pieces and seashells to the bottle. Mix one ounce essential oil and 2-1/2 ounces of reed diffuser oil base, such as Dipropylene Glycol or DPG. Add the fragrance mixture to the bottle and place four or five reeds into the bottle.

    Decorated Wine Bottle

    Decorate an empty wine bottle with decoupage. Get decoupage medium from your local craft store and choose a variety of colored tissue paper. Rip the tissue paper into small pieces, then coat a small area of the bottle with the decoupage medium using a paintbrush. Add a piece of tissue paper to the area and press down firmly. Brush more decoupage medium over the tissue paper, and repeat this process until the bottle is covered. Allow it to dry, add decorative touches like marbles or flat-edged beads and crystals with a hot-glue gun.

    Enameled Glass Bottles

    Use recycled glass bottles found in your home or at a flea market, thrift store or garage sale; different glass bottles will give you different results. Purchase dishwasher-safe enamel paint from your local craft store to create a variety of enameled glass bottles. Wash the bottles with soap and water, then let dry. Following the directions on the package, prime the bottle for the enamel and let it dry. Once dry, pour enough enamel inside the bottle to coat it, then pour out the excess. Set it upside down on a paper towel to dry for about 48 hours.

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