About Disney Pumpkin Carving Stencils

    by Mackenzie Wright

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    The art of Halloween jack-o'-lantern carving has evolved in the past few years. No longer is it enough to hack out rough triangle- and square-shaped features. Pumpkins these days are elaborately carved works of art. If you're a Disney fan, celebrate your love for Mickey and his friends this Halloween with Disney-themed jack-o'-lantern stencils.


    Some people take Halloween decorating to the extreme with gory, gross and demonic faces illuminating pumpkins. Celebrate the holiday in a more lighthearted manner by carving Disney character faces on your pumpkins. These well-known characters are a welcome relief for children and adults who think the holiday's horror factor has gone over the top.


    You can use your Disney pumpkins indoors or outdoors. With a pumpkin light inside, they’re all you need to create a beautiful Halloween display for your home. If you plan to travel to a Disney resort in October for one of the special Halloween events, surprise your little ones with Disney-themed jack-o'-lanterns to decorate your hotel room. Or show the jack-o'-lanterns off outside your camper at Disney campgrounds.


    Pumpkin Masters has made several stencil collections featuring Disney characters such as "Mickey's Pumpkin Decorating Party," "Pooh and Pals" and "World of Disney Pumpkin Kit." Others feature specific movies, such as "Monsters, Inc.," "Toy Story" or "The Nightmare Before Christmas." They also have specialty collections of princesses and villains. Pumpkin Master's kits can be found at Amazon.com. However, some Disney collections have been discontinued and might be difficult to find. Many Disney character pumpkin stencil printable pages can be found for free on the Internet (see resources below).


    Disney pumpkin stencils are used in the same way as other pumpkin stencils. They can be used on real or synthetic pumpkins. It's best to photocopy the stencil and keep the original so you can use it again. Tape the stencil onto a pumpkin and use a thumb tack or toothpick to trace tiny holes along the lines of the design to transfer it to the pumpkin. The holes should be closely spaced so you can see the pattern easily when the stencil is removed. After you have transferred the design, use the stencil as a guide and carve out the shaded areas.


    Remember Disney characters are copyrighted. While many pumpkin patterns are available for use in home displays, you are not allowed to sell Disney-themed carved pumpkins or use them for marketing purposes without permission from the copyright holder. You also cannot create and sell your own pumpkin patterns featuring Disney characters. Misuse of Disney characters or pumpkin patterns might have legal ramifications.