How to Determine Right and Wrong Knitting Sides

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    It is important for a knitter to be able to determine the right and wrong sides of a knitted piece, so that you know which stitches you should be using on each side, and so you know which side to show off when you've finished!

    Things You'll Need

    • Your knitting project
    • Knitting pattern (if you are using one)

    Getting Started

    Complete a few rows of your knitting according to your written pattern or a unique pattern of your own.

    If you are working from a written pattern, it will often tell you you which side of the knitting is the right side and which is the wrong side. Right Side is usually abbreviated as RS and Wrong Side is abbreviated as WS. If your pattern reads something like: Row 1: Starting on WS, (description of knitting stitches) Then all of the odd rows of your knitting (Rows, 1, 3, 5, 7 etc) will be the Wrong Side of your knitting and all of the even rows will be the Right Side.

    If you are working in stockinette stitch, all of your knit rows are on the Right Side and all of your purl rows are the Wrong Side. The Right Side will look like little interconnecting Vs and the Wrong Side will look like little ridges.

    No matter what pattern or stitch you use, the Right Side of your work is the side you would wear or display when the product is finished.

    • Some designs, such as ribbing or garter stitch, do not have Right or Wrong Sides. They are reversible and look the same on either side.
    • If you in doubt about which side you are working on, visit your local yarn shop, consult another knitter or visit Ravelry forums to have your question answered.


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