Decorating Staircases for a Wedding

    by Angela Tague

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    Whether it is used for the bride's grand entrance during a wedding ceremony or for guests entering the reception hall, a staircase can become a beautiful focal point on a wedding day. Draped in elegant chiffon and tulle or sparkling lights, an ordinary staircase is easily transformed into a beautiful backdrop. Add flowers that coordinate with the wedding colors, or attach bows and ribbons for a classic look.


    Drape the banister of the staircase with scallops of sheer chiffon or tulle fabrics. Choose colors that coordinate with the wedding or use classic wedding white. Rope lights or cascading holiday lights can be intertwined to give the fabric a glow in dimly lit rooms. Secure the fabric to the banister by looping it through and tying knots in the fabric or using opaque-colored zip ties. Twist ropes of evergreen garland or flower garland between the rods of the banister. For winter weddings, add holiday ornaments to the garland. For fall weddings, add garlands of fall leaves to the greenery. Attach bows or small floral bouquets tied with ribbons over the zip ties to add color and elegance.


    Have the flower girl decorate the steps of the staircase during her entrance into the wedding ceremony or reception. Dropping flower petals, fall leaves or a small amount of paper confetti will add color and interest to the steps. Add decorative elements to very wide staircases. Place pumpkins or vertical flower arrangements on the far edges of the steps to add color. Consider having a custom runner made for the wedding. If the location allows, the runner can be temporarily affixed to the steps, creating a special walkway. Have the runner monogrammed at the end with the first initial of the couple's new last name or the wedding date. The end of the runner can later be cut off and made into a wall hanging using a quilt display rod.

    End of Staircase

    Place more wedding decorations at the very top and bottom of the staircase. Choose tall bundled flower arrangements that can stand on their own or be placed in tall slender vases. Consider intertwining holiday lights into the arrangement to add a touch of sparkle to the staircase.