Decorating Idea for a Wedding Table

    by Deb Powers

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    Wedding table decorations are one of the most important elements in setting the mood and style of your wedding reception. Professional wedding planners consider many different factors when deciding how to decorate tables for a wedding, including the intended purpose of each table.

    Coordinating Table Decorations

    There are many different types of tables at a wedding reception. You'll want to choose a table decorating idea that can be used across the head table, the guest tables and the buffet tables at the very least. Choose an element of your wedding decoration idea that will tie the different tables together. The easiest way to make sure that all of your tables coordinate is to use the same color linens.

    Guest Tables

    The centerpieces that you choose for your wedding guest tables will be the most obvious decoration and should set the style for the rest of the decor. Simple, loose arrangements like a basket of wildflowers create a casual atmosphere. For a more formal wedding, choose floral arrangements with more structure. If you do not want a floral centerpiece, one very pretty contemporary decorating idea for a wedding table is a grouping of votive candles on a mirror. Wrap each votive with a satin ribbon in the same color as the wedding linens for a very chic and very inexpensive wedding table decoration. Make your napkins part of the table decor by using intricate origami folds.

    Head Table

    In many cases, the best decorating idea for the head table is a simple floral swag along the front edge and the bouquets of the bridal attendants placed on the table before their plates. Remember that when your guests look at the head table, they want to see the bride and groom. Keep the floral arrangements for the head table low so that they don't obscure the view of the wedding party. If desired, sprinkle glitter or rose petals across the tables.

    Other Tables

    Buffet tables, cake tables and gift tables may feature a floral arrangement at one or both ends. Those floral arrangements can have more height than the guest table centerpieces because no one has to see over them.