How to Decorate for an Outdoor Wedding

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    Summer weddings can be even more beautiful when you hold the ceremony outdoors. You can have a beautiful wedding and reception in your own backyard if you decorate properly. Tables, trees decks and porches can all be incorporated into the decorating process. Follow these tips to decorate for an outdoor wedding.

    Things You'll Need

    • Flowers
    • Tent
    • Tableware
    • Chairs
    • Ribbons and bows
    • Arbor

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    Pick a theme for your wedding like Victorian, modern or country. Your decorations and color choices will reflect the theme you have picked.

    Include lots of color in your decorations, especially if the yard is mainly green. Add flowers that match your bridesmaid dresses and match the flowers with complementing ribbons and bows. Place decorative planters around the yard.

    Use a gazebo for the part of the yard where you will say your vows. You can place chairs in rows leading up to the gazebo. Decorate the chairs with fancy ribbons and flowers. Add soft cushions for comfort.

    Set up a white tent with open sides for the reception. Decorate inside the tent the same way you would decorate a banquet hall. Add tables with white tablecloths for an elegant look. Use candles, good dishes and cutlery and place bowls or baskets of wildflowers on each table.

    Add lights for night if your reception will be outside. Use lanterns and hurricane lamps because they are protected from the wind.

    Set up netting if bugs are common in your area. You do not want bugs in the food or mosquitoes bothering the guests.

    Decorate the toilet. Outdoor weddings often include an outhouse for guests. Hide it by decorating it with flowers, ribbons or bows. You can also place an arbor in front of the outhouse to make it look fancy.

    • Arrive in a horse-drawn carriage.
    • Have a backup plan because you never know what the weather will do.
    • Create a shaded area for those who do not like the direct sun.