How to Decorate a Cubicle for Halloween

    by Liza Hollis

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    Liza Hollis has been writing for print and online publications since 2003. Her work has appeared on various websites, including and Hollis earned a Bachelor of Arts in English and mass communication from the University of Florida.


    A little festive decor for the holidays can make a regular work day more enjoyable. A Halloween-themed cubicle lets your employers and co-workers know just how spirited you are and lightens the mood on hectic or difficult days. With a few colorful streamers, themed props and haunted crafts, your cubicle will be the envy of all of your colleagues. Add a little candy and everyone will want to stop by to take a look at your creation.

    Things You'll Need

    • Streamers
    • Props
    • Pumpkin and carving tools
    • Paper clips
    • Safety pins
    • Tape

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    Determine what is appropriate for your work space. Some offices might not bat an eyelash at fake blood drizzled atop your computer monitor. Other places might be calling in a priest to exorcise demons from your rolling office chair by lunch time. Consider the feelings of those around you before arranging a particularly gory display.

    Take necessary precautions. Easy come, easy go. Do not make any lasting changes to your cubicle. Remember it is company property. Use only tape or pins that can be easily removed once the holiday season is over.

    Use orange and black streamers for festive Halloween color. Starting at one end of your cubicle, unroll while twisting together black and orange tissue paper streamers.

    Select a theme and gather decorations that complement your choice. Some office-friendly themes include a crime scene, graveyard, arachnid takeover or skeletons. Another option is to recreate a scary scene from a popular movie, just make sure the scene is not too scary or graphic for your workspace.

    Arrange props throughout your cubicle, but make sure they don't interfere with work functions. Hang fake hands or skeleton arms out of drawers, cover chairs with white sheets or gauzy fabric and dangle spiders from the ceiling.

    Carve up a pumpkin. Consider buying a small pie pumpkin and carving a Jack-o-Lantern into its side. You could even carve up the pumpkin to fit in with a company theme or inside joke. Don't use candles inside the pumpkin, as many offices will consider this a fire hazard. Use a foam pumpkin to create a Jack-o-Lantern that can be used year after year.

    Offer candy to passersby. Trick-or-treating may be for kids, but everyone loves Halloween treats.

    Decorate that thing inside your chair…you. Dressing up in a costume will make your cubicle much more festive. Keep all costumes work-appropriate, of course.

    • Use decorations that surprise, but don't overly frighten visitors to your cubicle, such as fake fingers trapped in the lid of a candy dish.
    • Don't use props or decoration that cause any hazard, such as hanging props that someone might bump their head on or fake spiderwebs that might tangle around ankles.