How to Decorate With Clear Glass Christmas Ornaments

    by Elizabeth Arnold

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    Delicate, clear glass holiday ornaments make versatile holiday decor items. For a traditional look, hang the ornaments on your tree; they'll reflect various lights in the room. You also can decorate the plain glass balls with paint and shiny embellishments and use them to accent festive holiday centerpieces around your home.

    Things You'll Need

    • Clear glass ornaments
    • White and silver ornaments
    • Holiday picks and stems
    • Artificial snow
    • Glitter
    • Stencils
    • Glass paints
    • Feathers
    • Plastic gemstones
    • Assorted hard candy
    • Pearl spool

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    Create a winter wonderland using clear glass ornaments and other holiday decor. Fill a large, clear bowl with iridescent white and silver round glass ornaments. Add a few holiday picks, for example sprigs of pine and twigs with red berries for color. Place the bowl in the middle of the holiday dinner table as a centerpiece. Sprinkle artificial snow and silver glitter around the bowl.

    Paint the clear glass balls to create customized tree ornaments. Use stencils and craft paint to enhance the ornaments with evergreen trees, snowmen and other holiday images. Paint the ornament gold or silver and glue on craft feathers or gems for a glamorous look. Paint the ornament white and sprinkle it with multicolored glitter. If you are giving the ornament as a gift, personalize it with the recipient’s name and a special message.

    Fill the ornaments with festive items. Open the top of the ornament and fill it with small pieces of candy such as red-and-white peppermints or jelly beans. Tie a red or green ribbon around the top of the ornament for a finished look. If you have a beach-themed holiday tree, fill the ornaments with tiny seashells and tie the top with a piece of twine. You also can fill the ornament with glitter, tinsel or small glass gems to add sparkle to your tree.

    Glamorize your chandelier by wrapping strings of pearls around the fixtures. For sparkle, hang small teardrop-shaped clear glass ornaments from the pearls. Hang the ornaments on other lighting elements, such as wall sconces and table lamps, to add festive flair.


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