How to Decorate a Ceiling at a Wedding Reception With Tulle

    by Esperance Barretto

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    Tulle, a soft, net-like material, can be used to create lavish ceiling decorations at weddings. When draped from the ceiling, this sheer fabric cascades down and lends an elegant feel to wedding reception venues. Choose tulle fabric in colors that echo with your theme. Combine tulle with coordinated decorative accessories to further accentuate this stylish wedding ceiling decoration.

    Things You'll Need

    • Measuring tape
    • Scissors
    • Ladder
    • Glue gun
    • Silk flowers
    • Silk butterflies
    • Silk ribbon
    • Bows

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    Measure the ceiling length, from the corner of the room to the center, with a measuring tape. Cut the tulle fabric into wide strips using scissors. Cut the tulle strips at least one foot longer than what you measured. This allows the fabric to cascade when you secure it in place.

    Attach one end of the tulle fabric to the corner of the ceiling with a glue gun; you'll need to climb a ladder to reach the ceiling. Spread the fabric so that it fans out. Draw the other end of the tulle to the center of the ceiling -- climb the ladder again -- and secure it using a glue gun.

    Repeat the process of attaching tulle fabric to all the corners of the ceiling and securing them in the center with the glue gun. If you want to create a fuller decorative look, attach tulle to the middle section of the ceiling walls.

    Embellish the tulle with decorative accents such as silk flowers, butterflies or ribbons. Ensure that the decorative accents match your theme. Attach the decorative accents to the tulle using the glue gun.

    • If your wedding reception is in the evening, place white lights above the tulle decoration. This enhances the lighting decoration and lends a romantic feel to the venue.
    • You also can use thumbtacks and nails to attach the tulle fabric to the ceiling. However, check with the wedding reception manager if you require permission to create holes in the ceilings.

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