How to Decorate Your Car Trunk for Trick or Treat

    by Elizabeth (Lisa)Thompson

    More and more churches host Halloween alternative gatherings on Oct. 31 to offer a safe venue for children and adults alike. These get-togethers, sometimes called fall festivals or Halloween tailgating, come complete with games, bouncing machines, costumes and plenty of candy. Children may go "trunk or treating" as they walk from vehicle to vehicle and collect candy from the trunk's of people's cars. Decorating your van, truck or car adds to the ambiance of the celebration. By following a few simple tips, you can make your vehicle the most memorable one at the party.

    Things You'll Need

    • Halloween decorations
    • Adhesive for use on cars

    Pick a theme to decorate your trunk. You can also just use streamers and basic decor designed for windows and adhered with adhesive that will not damage car paint. Look at what you have on hand to help determine a theme. Decorations such as painted pumpkins and gourds are relatively inexpensive and appropriate decorations for a church event.

    Gather the needed materials for decorating your vehicle. Keep in mind your vehicle type. For example, a Volkswagen Beetle, with its round shape, would work well as a pumpkin. Some themes work equally well on any vehicle. Around Halloween, stores are full of Halloween decorations that are perfect for decorating a trunk. Battery powered string lights, ribbons and balloon can easily be found at the store.

    Dress up in a costume that coordinates with your theme. If you cannot think of a costume that works well, find something more general, such as a sports, animal or Western theme. Halloween shops have costumes such as pumpkins and scarecrows.

    Decorate the car once you arrive at the church. Have your kids or some of the teens from the church help you; they may come up with some creative ideas and make your trunk fun for everyone who stops by.

    • Dress up as Bible characters and use a scripture theme, such as Noah's Ark or Moses. You could use plenty of stuffed animals as props, or use these for a zoo theme.
    • Decorate a minivan or SUV in a '70s theme. Dress in tie dyed t-shirts, use some shag carpet and disco ball for extra glitz.
    • Take advantage of the availability of church electricity and run an extension cord for any electrical needs, taking care to keep it out of the way of happy trunk or treaters.
    • Other ideas include a beach theme with towels, umbrellas, a boogie board and Hawaiian shirts or a favorite sports theme. Superheroes or cartoon characters such as Sponge Bob are other fun options kids of all ages will enjoy.
    • Bring chairs so you can take a break and sit.
    • Stay at the event with your child as opposed to just dropping him off with no supervision.
    • Choose decorations carefully. Some churches do not approve of any scary items such as ghosts, goblins, witches, scary monsters, blood or gore. You want to avoid scaring young children.

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