Cute Ideas for Posters

    by Mary Johnson-Gerard, Ph.D.

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    Informal posters are often used to sell a product or to decorate a room. Homemade posters are most easily made with poster board that is readily available at craft and department stores. You don't have to be an artist to create an effective poster. Pre-made posters can be cut up and rearranged to make a whole new piece of art. Stencils also help lettering on posters look tidy. Stickers, glitter and jewels will add pizazz and make your poster eye catching. Posters are a project that both children and adults can make successfully.

    Modern Art

    Purchase a standard size poster board. Standard poster size is 22 by 28 inches. White will work fine for this project as the poster board will be covered up. Purchase a poster of something you like. Standard posters are the same size as your poster board already, so you don't need to be concerned about size. Animals, faces and landscapes are all suitable for this project. Fold your poster into four equal sections and crease it well so you have lines to cut on. Unfold the poster and lay it flat. Make sure your sections all look equal. Use scissors, or a rolling scrap book cutter, to cut the poster into four sections. Spray the white poster board with spray adhesive and arrange the four sections out of order on the poster board. Use the palm of your hand to smooth out any bubbles. Frame in a black poster frame.

    Collage Poster

    The word collage is French for pasting or gluing. A collage is a collection of pictures glued together to make a piece of art. Purchase a standard 22 by 28-inch poster board in a color of your choice. If you plan on covering the entire poster board, white will do fine. Make a collection of pictures you enjoy. They don't have to be photos taken with a camera. Magazine and newspaper clippings are good for this project. Pages from an art book are another good idea. You can even use food wrappers like potato chip bags and cereal boxes. Use spray adhesive to attach the pictures to your poster board in any design you like. You can line them up for a more organized look or layer and overlap them for a messier collage. Frame in a poster frame of your choice.

    Lemonade Stand

    Lemonade stands are a traditional sight seen during the summer time. Advertise your lemonade stand by creating an eye-popping poster to draw in a crowd. Purchase a yellow poster board. Draw a lemon shape on the poster board using as much of the poster’s surface area as possible. Cut out the lemon. Draw the word lemonade in large bold letters with markers across the entire front of the lemon. Leave enough room under the word for the price. Stencils will make this easier for people who are not artsy. Once the lemonade and the price are on the poster, use glitter and stickers to decorate the rest of the open space.

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