How to Cut Vinyl Records

    by Jourdan Townsend

    About the Author

    Jourdan Townsend has been writing since childhood. Her articles appear in a collection of student works at the University of Oklahoma as well as in the school's "Honors College Journal." Townsend also composes poetry, some of which can be found in an edition of the "Anthology of Poetry by Young Americans." Townsend holds a Bachelor of Arts in communication.


    Craft projects that use vintage vinyl records are gaining popularity. Items such as bracelets, rings, and coasters made from these kitschy collectibles are highly desirable, and can be quite expensive when found in boutiques. You can create just about anything using old records that you have lying around the house, but many projects require that the record be cut, often resulting in an album shattering into pieces.

    Things You'll Need

    • Gas oven burner
    • Oven mitt
    • Scissors

    Turn on the burner to medium heat.

    Put the oven mitt on your dominant hand and use it to pick up the record.

    Carefully hold the record a few inches over the flame and allow the heat to slightly soften the vinyl.

    Use a sharp pair of scissors to cut the record as you desire.

    Reapply the record to the heat source as needed to continue cutting.

    Lay the pieces that you cut on a safe surface to cool completely.

    • Use a propane gas grill or other controllable flame source if you don't have a gas stove.
    • Don't let the record start to melt or hold it so close to the flame that it might catch fire. Heat it just enough to soften the record for cutting.