How to Cut Out Snowflakes

    by Cindia Winspear

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    Snowflakes are an amazing, naturally occurring phenomenon that results when water vapor crystallizes in thin, freezing cold air. Snowflakes are shaped in repeating patterns, and no two snowflakes are exactly alike. This makes cutting snowflakes out of paper an easy task, as no pattern is "right" or "wrong." Whether elaborate and complex or more simple in design, snowflakes are one-of-a-kind works of art that easily lend themselves to imitation.

    Things You'll Need

    • Paper
    • Scissors

    Cut a lightweight sheet of paper into an 8-inch circle (or smaller, if desired). If you need a pattern, look around your surroundings and trace the largest circular item that will fit on the page, such as plates, bowls turned upside down or pots.

    Fold your paper in half three times. The resulting shape should be a triangle with one side curved. To make your snowflake more intricate, fold the paper one additional time. The more folds you make, the thicker the paper will be, and the more difficult it will be to cut the snowflake.

    Make random cuts on your snowflake. Use your imagination -- choose simple triangles, wavy curved notches or anything in between. All cutouts transform into a design when the snowflake is unfolded. The only rule you must follow is to not cut away an entire side. Some "fold" must always be left uncut on any side, and more than two areas uncut are best.

    Unfold the paper slowly and carefully once you are satisfied with your cuts. Tape the snowflake to a window to catch the light, hang it on a Christmas tree as decoration or adorn a gift-wrapped package with it. Ways to enjoy these snowflakes are endless.

    • Vary the medium to change the effect of the snowflake. Origami paper is especially easy to cut. Translucent paper catches the light when hung in a window and patterned paper adds another unusual effect.
    • Snowflakes can be decorated by coloring the paper either with markers or watercolors before you fold the paper.

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