How to Crochet a Soda Tab Purse

    by Rebecca Epstein

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    Soda tabs, also known as pop tops, are the little metal pieces on top of soda cans that you pull on to open the cans. Soda tab purses have been around since the days of pull tabs. Since cans no longer have tabs with the pull that could wrap around the ring of the tab, crochet fills in as a way to both link the tabs and add color and a softer texture. With a crochet hook that can fit through the two holes in your soda tabs, you can crochet the pop tops into the yarn stitches. The end result is a glittery, stand-out purse that garners plenty of compliments.

    Things You'll Need

    • 6 to 8 ounces worsted-weight yarn
    • 50 or more clean pop tops
    • Size F or G crochet hook
    • Scissors
    • Craft needle

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    Front and Back Sides

    Crochet a chain of 30 with the yarn. Make a row of single crochets starting with the second chain from the hook. Chain three, and double-crochet in the first stitch of the next row.

    Insert the yarn into one of a pop top holes. Wrap the yarn over the hook, and then pull it back through. Wrap the yarn over the hook again, and pull it through the loops on the hook.

    Insert the yarn into the other pop top hole, wrap the yarn over the hook and pull it back through. Wrap the yarn over the hook again, and pull it through the loops on the hook. Skip a stitch, and make two double crochets in the next stitch. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 until the row is completed.

    Repeat the process of alternating two double crochets with pop tops until the bag is the desired height. Make a row of single crochets, and finish off the yarn by pulling the tail through the last loop and weaving it into the stitches.

    Smaller Sides and Bottom

    Make a chain that is twice the height of the bag plus 30 chains, and then make a row of single crochets. Crochet in pop tops, except for the middle 30 chains, which will be the bottom of the bag and should be single crochets. Make at least six rows, opting for more if you want your bag to be thicker.

    Lay the long piece out with the wrong side facing up. Thread your yarn needle with the same yarn used to create the bag. Sew the bottom of the front side to the closest row of the center 30 stitches with the right side facing you, using a simple whip stitch through the end stitches of each piece. Sew the bottom of the back side to the farthest row of the center 50 stitches with the wrong side facing you.

    Pull the left side up so it forms the side of the bag, and sew it to the front and back sides. Do the same with the right side. Crochet a strap by making a chain of 75 to 100, and then alternating pop tops with two double crochet stitches for the next row. Finish with a row of single crochets, and sew the strap to the sides of the bag.

    • Make sure each of your pop tops is oriented the same way so the surface of the bag appears consistent.
    • You can also crochet pop tops vertically by making them span two rows.
    • Sew in a fabric lining to make your bag more practical.
    • The place where the pop top was originally attached to the can, can have a sharp edge. Remove any excess aluminum from the back of the tab with a pair of wire cutters so it is flush with the surface.

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