How to Crochet With Plastic Grocery Bags

    by Karen Ellis

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    It’s a shame to throw all those plastic grocery bags in the trash after you get home and unload your groceries. By using the rule of recycle, reuse and repurpose, you often have materials and items that may save you money. Use those grocery bags and crochet a tote bag or rug and enjoy the satisfaction of reusing something you often discard.

    Things You'll Need

    • Plastic grocery bags
    • Scissors
    • Crochet hook

    Place a plastic grocery bag flat on your work area. Cut off the bottom of the bag and any handles at the top to result in a plastic tube.

    Open the bag. Starting at the top, on only one layer, cut in at an angle to about 2 inches. Re-angle your scissors to cut straight across at 2 inches. Cut around and around the plastic grocery bag to create one long strip.

    Cut each plastic grocery bags using the same technique to make long strips.

    Tie the long plastic strips together with square knots -- cross right over left and through for the first half of the knot and left over right and through for the second half of the knot.

    Wind the plastic strips into a ball, as you would a ball of yarn. Crochet exactly as you would with yarn.

    • You might think you would need a large crochet hook, but a size G or H is sufficient.
    • Double the plastic grocery bags for a thicker project, as you would use two yarns at the same time. Use a larger hook for these projects -- size I or J.

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