How to Crochet Hats With Ear Flaps

    by Heidi A. Reeves

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    A crochet hat with ear flaps keeps you warm all winter with a distinctive look that makes it stand out from other cold-weather accessories. You don't have to spend your hard-earned cash on crochet ear-flap cap; as long as you know how to create a crochet chain and work half double crochet, you can work up your own ear-flap hat and have that nerd-chic look in a matter of hours.

    Things You'll Need

    • Yarn
    • Crochet hook
    • Safety pins
    • Yarn needle

    Chain five stitches and join the chain for crocheting in the round. To join, insert your crochet hook under the "V"-shaped top of the fifth stitch from your hook, yarn over--wrapping your yarn around the hook from back to front--and draw the yarn over through the stitch and the loop on your hook. This creates a seamless join.

    Chain two stitches; these count as your first half-double crochet.

    Work six half-double crochets around the center of the ring for round one. For each half-double crochet stitch, you will yarn over, insert your hook into the center of the ring, yarn over, draw your hook back through the ring, yarn over and draw through three loops on the hook.

    Make a slip stitch into the top of the first half-double crochet -- the second of the chain stitches you made previously -- to complete the round.

    Chain two stitches at the beginning of round two and every subsequent round. Work two half-double crochet stitches into each previous round's six stitches and slip stitch to complete the round.

    Continue increasing in subsequent rounds, but don't work two half-double crochets into all of the previous row's stitches. Instead, work single half-double crochet into stitches between increases. In round three you increase every other stitch, in round four you increase every third stitch, in round five you increase every fourth stitch, and so on.

    Crochet increase rounds in the established pattern until the hat measures the desired circumference. Then, work even until the piece measures 7 inches from the top. End with a slip stitch and break your yarn, leaving a long enough tail to weave in.

    Secure a safety pin in one of the hat band's bottom stitches; this marks the center back of your hat. Secure a second safety pin on the exact opposite side of the hat band to mark the center front

    Begin the first ear flap. Half-double crochet into the stitches along the bottom of the hat band, starting about 2 inches from the center back and ending about 3 inches from the center front.

    Turn your work, make a half-double crochet decrease. To decrease, work the stitch as usual, but before you yarn over and draw through the last three loops on the hook, yarn over and insert your hook into the next stitch, yarn over, draw through the stitch, yarn over and draw through five loops on the hook.

    Work even until you reach the last two stitches in the row and work another decrease. Continue crocheting in the decrease pattern until you've decreased half the stitches. Break your yarn, leaving a tail long enough to weave in.

    Make a second ear flap in the same manner as the first.

    Weave in all yarn ends with a yarn needle.

    • If you want to give your hat a finished look, you can add a single-crochet border in a coordinating color. Just work single crochet stitches into all edge stitches and finish by working a slip stitch into the first single crochet.

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