How to Crochet a Blanket Step by Step

    by Venice Kichura

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    Blankets are one of the first projects beginning crocheters choose. You can make an attractive -- and better yet, practical -- blanket with just a few simple stitches. Double crochet is a tall stitch, which means the body of the blanket works up quickly; single crochet makes an attractive edging.

    Things You'll Need

    • 10 to 20 ounces of 4-ply, medium-weight yarn: Color A
    • 10 ounces of 4-ply, medium-weight yarn: Color B
    • US size 8/H or 5 mm crochet hook
    • Pattern
    • Plastic yarn needle
    • Measuring tape

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    Decide on size and colors. For example, the size of a toddler's blanket is about 36 inches wide by 48 inches long. Choose two colors to work with. You'll crochet the body of the blanket out of the lighter color -- color A -- then use the darker color, color B, for the edging.

    Determine the number of chains for the base by looking at your yarn label. Measurements are usually given in terms of 4-inch-by-4-inch swatches. For example, the label on a four-ply or medium-weight yarn may indicate that a 4-by-4-inch swatch, made with a size 8/H or 5 mm crochet hook, is 17 stitches wide. A blanket that's 36 inches wide is equal to nine 4-by-4 inch swatches, or 17 stitches times 9: 153. Because you're going to be using double crochet stitches, add two to this number for a total of 155 chains for your base.

    After chaining 155, double crochet in the third chain from the hook and then in each chain across. Count your stitches. You should have 153 double crochets.

    Chain two and turn your work, then continue doing double crochets in every stitch across. Repeat this step, as needed, until your piece measures about 48 inches long.

    On your last row, crochet as usual until the very last stitch. Just before you do the final yarn over to complete the stitch -- you should have two loops of color A on your hook -- lay a strand of color B across the hook and pull it through both loops. This completes the stitch and also changes colors.

    With color B, you'll be single crocheting around the entire blanket to finish off the edges. After you've done about four single crochets, break off the color A yarn, leaving about a 6-inch tail. Continue single crocheting around the blanket until you come back to your starting point. Join the yarn to the first single crochet stitch with a slip stitch.

    Break off the yarn, leaving a tail that's about 6 inches long. Draw that tail through the final loop remaining on your hook, securing your work. With a yarn needle, weave the tail into the single crochet edging. Also thread the yarn needle with the tail of color A and weave it into the single-crochet edging.

    • Buy more than enough yarn. You can always return any unneeded skeins if the labels haven't been torn.