How To Crochet Baby Headbands Following Tutorials

    by Jessica Cook

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    There’s nothing cuter than a baby girl wearing an adorable and stylish headband. But if you've ever priced them, you know how expensive they can be. Why not make your own instead? Using crochet tutorials and basic supplies, you’ll be able to create your own beautiful headbands in no time, and for very little money.

    Things You'll Need

    • Yarn
    • Crochet hook in the appropriate size
    • Embellishments (such as silk flowers or sequins)
    • Needle
    • Coordinating thread

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    Find a tutorial style that suits you. There are numerous crochet tutorials available in video form online if you prefer a video style of instruction. In this type of tutorial, the creator demonstrates the stitches step-by-step on camera, and you can follow along. For a more traditional format, a website tutorial offers you photos of each step in the process. It may take a bit of hunting around in either format to find one with the production quality that lets you see each step clearly.

    Choose your comfort level. If you have never crocheted before, you should find a tutorial that teaches you exactly how to make the baby headband, step-by-step. If you’re a seasoned crocheter, then you might just need a tutorial to teach you a specific stitch pattern which you can use to create the headband. If you choose to follow a stitch tutorial, just create a strip of crocheted “fabric” about 2 inches wide. Stitch together the short ends with your needle and thread, measuring the circumference to be slightly smaller than the baby’s head.

    Choose your yarn. Since this is for an infant, consider soft yarns with a little stretch. Try a baby yarn or something in a fingering or DK weight made out of acrylic, cotton, bamboo or other natural fibers that won't irritate sensitive skin.

    Create your headband. If you are using a tutorial pattern, make sure you have purchased yarn in a similar weight to the yarn used as a sample in the tutorial. Also, make sure you obtain the properly sized hook to match the tutorial.

    Follow the steps of the tutorial one at a time. Check as you go to see that your project looks like the videos or photos from the tutorial. If your project starts to go wrong, pull out your stitches and try again until you can match your progress to the steps of the tutorial.

    Finish your project. If your tutorial or stitching left you with a strip of crocheted “fabric,” sew up the short ends to make a circular headband by whip stitching the ends together with the tail of your headband. Then add your own personal style to the headband – try a silk flower or some baby buttons. Maybe sew on sequins or ribbon to make a bow. You can create one “base” headband style and then embellish it several ways to create unique headbands every time.

    • Measure the head of your baby before you begin. Make your headband approximately 1 inch shorter than the circumference of the baby’s head, so that it will stretch around the baby’s head when you put it on her.
    • Make sure the embellishments you add to your headband do not create sharp edges or scratchy spots inside the headband. This could make it very uncomfortable for your little one to wear. Also ensure they cannot easily be pulled loose or pose a choking hazard.