How to Crochet Alphabet Letters

    by Rena Rossner

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    Once you've mastered the chain and the single crochet stitch, don't settle for a scarf or an afghan. Use the versatility of crochet to create letters to dress up other project. Crocheted alphabet letters can be used as teaching tools or added as appliques onto a blanket, pillow or quilt. No matter what you do with your crocheted alphabet, the project is sure to get an A+.

    Things You'll Need

    • Graph paper
    • Pencil or pen
    • Worsted-weight yarn in a variety of colors
    • Crochet hook size I
    • Blunt needle (optional)

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    Chart Your Letters

    Crochet a small swatch with your selected crochet hook and yarn -- a chain about four inches long and at least four rows of single crochet.

    Measure parallel to the chain with a measuring tape or ruler to determine how many stitches are in 1 inch.

    Chart out the size and shape of each letter you need using graph paper and a pencil or pen. Determine how many stitches you need for a letter the size you require based on your gauge swatch. Mark an "X" in each square on the graph paper to represent a crochet stitch. For instance, if your swatch has three stitches per inch, for a letter "B" that is 4 inches tall, you need 12 stitches in the upright stick of the letter.

    Follow your pattern and chain as many stitches as are required, starting at either the bottom or top of your letter.

    Single crochet in each stitch across and add or increase stitches where needed, following your pattern.

    Finish one section before starting the next. In some places you may have to finish off the section you are working on and weave in the ends -- for instance the lower arm of an "F," then begin a new section of the letter and attach the pieces when done by using a blunt needle and the same yarn as you used to crochet the letter.

    • The letters can all be made in one color or in contrasting colors.
    • You may want to play with the colors you use--orange is a great color for the letter "O," and the letter "Z" could be done in black and white zebra stripes.

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