How to Create Printable Bookmarks

    by Erica Sweeney

    About the Author

    Erica Sweeney is a freelance writer and editor based in Little Rock, Ark. She has a master's in journalism from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Her work has been published at, Arkansas Times, Aging Arkansas and Arkansas Business.


    Creating your own bookmarks on the computer is fun and easy. It is a great craft project for kids, and bookmarks make great gifts. Bookmark templates can also be downloaded for Microsoft Word or Publisher 2010. Creating bookmarks in Microsoft Publisher 2010 gives you tons of options; you can customize them by adding photographs, color and graphics. There are a lot of great Word templates out there, but Word does not allow for much flexibility when customizing the template.

    Things You'll Need

    • Cardstock or heavy paper
    • Microsoft Word or Publisher 2010
    • Printer

    Download a Bookmark Template

    Decide whether you want to use Microsoft Word or Publisher to create your bookmark. Publisher lets you customize everything; in Word, your options are more limited. Open the program you plan to use.

    Go to the Microsoft Office bookmark templates website and scroll through the list of templates. Pay close attention to which program the bookmark uses. Click on a template to find out more information about it, such as the size of the file and the program that is needed. Click "Download" when you are ready to download a bookmark template.

    Choose where you want to save the template and click "Save." The template will automatically open in Word or Publisher.

    Create Bookmarks in Publisher

    Click inside the text boxes and type your own text into the bookmark.

    Reformat the text if you'd like. Change the font by clicking on "Font Schemes" in the Format Publication box on the left side of the screen. You may also bold or change the size of the text by using the icons on the toolbar.

    Add graphics or photos to the bookmark. If the template already has photos, you can delete or replace them. To replace, click on the graphic to select it, and then go to Insert and Picture. Choose Clip Art to insert another graphic from Publisher's selection, and choose From File to insert a photo of your own. If you choose Clip Art, use the search box on the left side of the screen to search for a specific type of graphic. If you choose to insert a photo, locate it on your computer and click "Insert."

    Add borders to the bookmark by going to Insert and selecting "Design Gallery Object." Click on "Borders" and then double-click on a border to insert it into the template. You may have to resize the border to make it fit: Click on the border. White circles will appear in the corners of the border. Click on one and drag to the desired size.

    Change the color of the template by clicking on "Color Schemes" in the Format Publication box. You can click on different colors, and the bookmark will change color.

    Save the file if you plan to print out the bookmark again.

    Insert cardstock or heavy paper into the printer. Go to File and Print to print out the bookmarks.

    Create Bookmarks in Word

    Customize the text on the bookmark template. In most Word templates, you can change only the text. Some allow you to change the colors or graphics, but most do not.

    Save the file if you plan to print more bookmarks in the future.

    Place cardstock or heavy paper into the printer and click the Print icon.

    • To make the bookmarks extra-sturdy, laminate them. Copy centers will laminate for a fee, or you can buy a laminating kit at an office supply store.