How to Create Your Own Party Invitations for Free

    by Diane Steinbach

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    With the use of your own home computer or a free website you can create terrific party invitations that cost you nothing but time and some paper and inkjet ink. If you are ready to get busy impressing your friends with your party know-how, read on.

    Printed Invitations

    Begin with your party theme. Decide what the reason for your party is and then come up with a theme or design motif for your invitation. For example, you may be having a birthday party for a friend who loves golf, so have a golf-themed birthday party.

    Collect images for your invitation. Programs like Microsoft Word or Publisher have a large collection of clipart to choose from or download from their online resources. Look for clipart or photographs that resonate with your theme.

    Open your desktop writing program and type out your invitation information. Remember to include the date, location, occasion and time of your event plus any RSVP information and gift hints for your guests.

    Insert your clipart to dress up your invitation and make it fun to read. Consider including a photo of the guest of honor.

    Play with your fonts. Use a creative font for your headline to make it stand out a bit from the rest of the text. Then, resize, color or dress up your fonts to compliment your invite. If you can't find a font in your own publishing software download some free fonts.

    Once you have all your information ready, print off your cards and mail or pass them out. Color copies of your invitation make them stand out from the rest of the snippets on the fridge and will remind your guests to RSVP or attend.

    Electronic Invitations

    Go to (see Resources) or another free Web-based invitation or ecard greeting service. Sites like this offer registered users the ability to input information and email invitations for free.

    Pick an invitation template and input your party information. The template reminds you to include the date, time and location of the event plus allows you to input some free text with any additional information.

    Add some pictures or graphics. Use your own digital images or clipart to enhance your electronic invitation and personalize it even more. Use high-resolution images for the best results when published.

    Input your guests' email addresses and hit Send. Your beautiful invitation will be sent out to your friends and family and will cost you absolutely nothing. Receive responses via the site as well so your party planning is organized and stress-free.

    • If you're mailing, don't forget the envelopes. Include some artwork on the envelope to make a cheery impression at the mailbox.
    • Double-check all your information before sending your e-invitations or cards. Errors are easy to make and hard to correct once your invitations are sent.

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