Crafts to Make With Candy

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    Make sweet treat crafts to give as small gifts or use as household ornaments. There are lots of candy crafts for holidays, such as Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine's Day, but do not limit yourself to just these. Make some fun candy crafts for any time of the year. Put that leftover holiday candy to use by making crafts with your kids.

    Christmas Candy Crafts

    Make a reindeer from candy canes.

    There are numerous candy crafts you can make for Christmas. You can use hard candy to make a large candy wreath, or make reindeer out of candy canes that you can use as ornaments or package decorations (see the Organized Christmas website for directions at Why not make a candy train to give to co-workers, teachers or friends as gifts? The instructions for the train are on the Group Recipes website (at

    Halloween Candy Craft

    Halloween is the perfect time to make candy crafts.

    Halloween is a candy lover's holiday, but you don't have to give plain pre-packaged candy for trick-or-treat. Make some lollipop ghosts by tying white facial tissue over a round lollipop. Use a black marker to color two long vertical lines for droopy eyes. Keep it simple. Kids love making these ghosts.

    Valentine's Day

    Use Valentine's Day candy to make a craft to express your love.

    Give your sweetie a sweet treat by making a Valentine's Day card to include candy. The Family Fun website ( has some great ideas for candy Valentine crafts, or you can make a gift of candy wreaths, bouquets or a jar of chocolate kisses.

    Everyday Candy Crafts

    Make colorful pictures out of jelly beans.

    Don't throw out that leftover Halloween or Christmas candy. Use it for everyday crafts. Make colorful sand paintings or sand in a jar with Pixy Stix Sand Art, or use sturdy paper plates, licorice whips and a variety of candy held on the paper plate with frosting to make candy masks. Attach a paint stirrer or tongue depressor with masking tape and use markers to finish the faces.
    Make pictures by gluing jelly beans or kisses on heavy paper, or use a combination of several types of candy to make a picture.

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